We are a small family run pet sitting company offering an in home pet sitting service throughout Telford, Newport, Shifnal & surrounding areas.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How was Telford Pet Sitting Services Started?

Telford Pet Sitting Services was started because of our realization of the community's demand for high quality, detail oriented, and reliable pet care at reasonable rates. Also as lifelong pet owners we fully understand the needs of humans and their beloved pets.

2. How do i book Telford Pet Sitting Services?

Upon a request for our services we follow the following guidelines which allows us to collect & process all your requirements

Our Free Welcome Consultation

When you first contact us we will schedule a free welcome consultation to meet with you, either during the day or evening at a time convenient to you, at this meeting we can find out all about your pet requirements, and discuss your exact situation. Most importantly, we want to meet your extended family so we can get to know and interact with them. The welcome consultation lasts about 30 minutes, and the information we ask for will include:

◦Your pet's breed, age and state of health.
◦What your pet sitting requirements are, and the start and end dates of the services.
◦Feed/supplement schedule .
◦Personality and issues, (if any).
◦Your contact information.
◦An emergency contact in the event you are unreachable. 
◦Your veterinarian's contact information.

As you can see, our welcome consultation helps us gather everything we need. We will keep your information on file so that we are fully ready to be of service whenever you need us, even at short notice. Ideally we appreciate at least 24 hours notice, but in an emergency we will make every effort to accommodate you.

The Booking Procedure

Once we have met you, we will:
Produce a formal quotation for you, based on the information gained during our meeting.
Ask you for at least one full set of keys ( can be picked up just prior to your departure ) if we are visiting you.

The Billing Procedure

Pet Sitting and Day Visits
Total pet sitting and day visit rates are estimated in advance based on the information you give us when you book. The final amount payable may vary from this estimate depending on the actual circumstances encountered.
We ask that the formal quotation is paid in full in advance to the service starting. This can be paid by cheque, in cash or by credit card or bank transfer online via the secure services of Paypal.
We will then produce a invoice for you should there be any additional costs incurred whilst you are away. This again can be paid by cheque, in cash or by credit card or bank transfer online via the secure services of Paypal

We encourage clients to take advantage of our paperless billing and card payment options. We can invoice you, and accept payment via the secure services of Paypal, entirely online.

3. Why should I trust you and your staff to care for my pet?

We have been in business for over 5 years and have many outstanding reviews to show for it. We employ no external staff other than family members which are all currently pet owners and grew up in animal loving families. We are not only pet care experts but we have a proven track record of reliable and safe high quality pet care.

4. How are you different from other Pet Sitters and Dog Walkers?

Telford Pet Sitting Services offers a reliable, caring service that you can depend on. We take our responsibility very seriously and care for your pets as if they are our own. We also think it is very important to keep you connected with your pet while you are at work or away on vacation so we email or text updates on a regular basis if you require.

5. Are you and your staff insured?

Yes, we have all the necessary legal insurances are fully insured. Proof is available upon request.

6. Are you eco-friendly?

Yes, at Telford Pet Sitting Services we strive to minimize our impact on the environment. Which means that invoicing and billing are 100% paperless where possible! As often as possible we use biodegradable bags for dog waste, thus reducing the number of plastic bags in landfills (We use upwards of 20 bags a day, that's 7300 bags a year, that's a big deal!). Additionally, we always design their daily dog walking and pet sitting routes to minimize driving time, which means we are using less fuel and are on the road less! We are truly eco-friendly!

7. How many staff will be looking after my pet?

Unlike some pet care companies who may send multiple people to care for your pet, we do not employ external staff so you will only get one primary pet care specialist who will meet you and your pet at the free consultation. We will care for your pet the entire time you are away. This allows for your dog walking walks to remain consistent.

8. My dog has behavioral issues or is out of control, can you help me?

Yes, we actually specialize in 'out of control' dogs. Whether they are pulling on the leash, fearful, aggressive to other dogs or even people, we can help. Regular structured walking is the best place to start in correcting most behavioral issues. Please give us a call to discuss the details of your situation.

9. My dog stays in the yard during the day so why do I need a dog walker?

Dogs thrive on companionship and exercise. If your dog has behavioral issues (ie. chewing, barking, anxiety, jumping, aggression) chances are he/she is not getting enough exercise. Our on-leash services provide a high energy, structured exercise routine for your dog that is guaranteed to decrease stress, anxiety, boredom and frustration and improve his/her overall health and well-being.

10. Why should I use your services rather than having a friend or neighbour care for my pet?

Having a professional pet care expert take care of your pets not only ensures that your pet is getting the highest quality care available but also that you are fully covered in the unlikely event that something goes wrong. Your dog will get a high powered walk which not only drains energy but can also correct many behavioral issues. Many of our regular dog walking clients report that their dogs are better behaved after we take them on a structured walk. We are also cat experts and we have extensive experience caring for our feline friends.

11. Will you walk my dog in a large pack?

No. We never walk dogs in large, unruly packs. Not only is this unsafe but it does not give your dog the attention it deserves. We never walk more than three dogs together, and we will always match up your dog with another dog of similar size and ability. Walking up to two dogs together allows your dog to get some socialisation but also individual attention. Most of our current dog walking clients are very well balanced dogs that walk on the 'heel', walking with them can be very beneficial for unbalanced or 'pully' dogs as they will learn by example! We will always ask your permission before matching your dog up with a buddy. If you prefer to have us walk your dog privately, we are more than happy to oblige! 

12. How will I know if you have visited my pet?

We give you the option of text or email to stay in contact. That way you can be certain you are receiving the reliable pet care you and your pet deserve.

13. What is the free consultation?

The free consultation is a meet and greet us in your home with. This meeting gives you a chance to ask any questions and go over pet care instructions. Most importantly, it give your pet a chance to approve of his or her caretaker! The free consultation is just a way for you to meet and interview us. There is no obligation to use our services however all do.

14. How do I make key arrangements?

There are a few options where keys are concerned. You can give a copy of your key to us at the free consultation and have him or her hold onto it for future visits. Or if you do not want us to hold onto your key, there are a few different options each time you wish to schedule visits. 1) We can pick up and drop off your key prior to you going away. 2) You can drop off and pick up your key at our home. 3) The key can be mailed back and forth. 4) The key can be left in a safe place outside of your home (i.e. a lockbox, ) Please let us know what option you would prefer. All keys are locked in a safe overnight & taken out at the beginning of the day, your keys will never be marked with your name & address & the keys are only returned after you arrive back home, so should the cancelation of return travel plans be made we still can have access to your property to extend our services allowing your pet to be cared for during the duration of your absence

15. You've answered a lot of FAQ about dogs, what is your experience with cats and other animals?

We are currently proud cat & dog owners but we all have extensive experience caring for cats and other animals. Other animals we have had the experience of caring for include horses, rabbits, birds, rats, fish, iguanas and chickens & snakes!

16. How do I pay for your pet care services?

Once you are registered we accept cash, cheques, credit card & bank transfer payments through PayPal

If you have any other questions that you would like answered, please feel free to contact us.
We will be happy to answer all of your questions, and maybe we will even add your question to this page to benefit others


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