We are a small family run pet sitting company offering an in home pet sitting service throughout Telford, Newport, Shifnal & surrounding areas.

About Us

I grew up in an animal loving household with Cats, Dogs, Horses and fresh water fish. Often pet sitting my family and friends hamsters and guinea pigs. With a special affinity towards cats & dogs. I had always wanted to provide a service which offered not just cleaning out the litter trays and putting out some food. I offer a service which provides comfort and security to pets. At present I have four cats of my own who seam to run our household.

Having gained a wealth of knowledge and management experience from my previous employments, I moved back to Telford in 2001 and it was then that I decided to turn my dream of running my own pet care business into a reality & a professional business.

When it comes to our pets, many of us see them as loved family members, and that being the case, we want the very best for them! We founded Telford Pet Sitting Services with this in mind. We wanted to create an easy way for people throughout the area to locate a professional who is able provide special, loving, care for their best friends.

Whether your best friend sports fur, feathers, scales, or fins, it's my hope that you will allow me to care your pet while you are away from home.